Business and organization consultants

We welcome you to the website of the consulting company B. Limpanovnos & Co - DYNAMIC BUSINESS.

The aim of the company is the advisory support, strengthening and development of Greek businesses and organizations in matters of business planning, organization and economic / financial control.

In its activity so far, the company has designed and implemented hundreds of SME investments. In addition, it provides advisory support to local government organizations, Cooperatives, associations and non-governmental organizations.

Company Profile

The company B. Libanovnos and Co. is based in Katerini, at 18 Votsi street and was founded by:

Limpanovno Basil (Graduate Economist from the Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Brighton, England)

Baraliako Xenofon (Graduate PE Economist of the Department of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Macedonia. Certified Investment Advisor by the Capital Market Commission)

Papalexi Evaggelo (Graduate Economist of the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Pantheon University. Master of Business Administration (MBA) STAFFODSHIRE UNIVERSITY)

Papalexi Dimitrio (Graduate Economist of the Department of Finance and Banking Administration, University of Piraeus. Master of Business Administration (MBA) STAFFODSHIRE UNIVERSITY)

Our Team

The Dynamic Business company is staffed by Consultants with excellent scientific training and many years of experience in specific subjects.

The diversification of the knowledge objects of our partners gives us the possibility to provide a wide range of services that cover the needs of the modern Greek business as well as of an Organization.

The company is staffed by Economists, Regional Economist, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Statisticians.